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It is important to maintain your Automatic Transmission and have it serviced at regular intervals. The ATS team is trained and experienced in all services and repairs to Automatic Transmissions standards.

The Automatic Transmission has evolved greatly across the years. We hope that you find the following information interesting.

1. A.T.S Automatic Transmission Services Pty Ltd (A.T.S)

  • Automatic transmissions were introduced to the Australian car market in the early 1940's.
  • Early models included Jaguar, Plymouth, Humber in the 1950 to the first automatic Falcon in December 1960 and the first automatic Holden in January 1961.
  • Use of electronics (i.e. computer managed automatic transmission) in an automated production vehicle was introduced in the mid 1980's with the introduction of the Magna.
  • Automatic transmissions have evolved and changed enormously from their inception.
  • A.T.S has been servicing and repairing automatic transmissions on a continuing basis, from the same location in New Lambton, since its beginnings as a vehicle repair garage in 1945.
  • A.T.S has an established pedigree of doing a good job at a competitive price.
  • A.T.S philosophy, as their first priority, is to solve customer service and repair needs and problems.
  • A.T.S continues to remain up to date with the ever-changing technology found and built into the new generation of motor vehicles.

2. Transmission Fluid

  • Oil is more than a lubricant. These days it is better described as Transmission Fluid and is much more complex in make up than the older type automatic transmission oil.
  • Transmission fluid is the driving medium in late model electronic automatic transmission.
  • Today car manufacturers demand particular specifications for the transmission fluid in their automatic transmissions.
  • The modern automatic transmission will not function correctly if the transmission fluid does not meet the carmakers specifications – extreme care must be taken.
  • Because the transmission fluid is of a high and complex specification it must be kept clean to maintain reliable automatic transmission operation and life.
  • Overtime additives and other components, detergents etc breakdown because of the temperature the transmission operates at.
  • The work the transmission fluid has to perform inside the torque converter and the natural component wear within the transmission itself all means that automatic transmission fluid does not last a lifetime.
  • It is just nonsense and misleading for manufacturers to claim that their automatic transmission is a sealed unit and needs no servicing.
  • Servicing and flushing the automatic transmission at least once every two years is a good rule thumb guide for most modern electronically managed automatic transmissions.
  • The quality of the performance of the transmission fluid and therefore the automatic transmission will diminish even if the vehicle only does low kilometers per annum.
  • In modern automatic transmissions most if not all of the electronic components live in the automatic transmission fluid – which at normal operating temperature is hotter that the engine coolant water.
  • Draining and refilling even if the oil pan is removed will only release about 1/3 of the total quantity of the automatic transmissions total capacity.
  • The only method of getting all of the used fluid out of the automatic transmission is to flush the system.
  • Flushing can only be done using the correct fluid for the transmission in question. There is no flushing agent available for this operation.
  • It should be noted that on occasions to get the transmission fully clean it may require more fluid than the capacity of the actual transmission.
  • At A.T.S the used oil goes to waste.

The foregoing opinions are derived from over 40 years of continuous independent experience gained in the repairing and servicing of all makes of automatic transmissions.

3. And Now Hybrid Technology Is With Us

  • Another major change in automatic transmission development is the hybrid automatic transmission.
  • A car fitted with a hybrid automatic transmission will cut your fuel costs by 30%. So if you spend about $60 per week on fuel, a hybrid will only cost you $40 per week – a significant saving.
  • How  – because a hybrid automatic transmission uses specialist on-board battery technology to drive the car inconjuction with the internal combustion engine (ICE).
  • Why – because the specialist battery pack now fitted to the car drives the electric motor that is fitted inside the automatic transmission, hence the name hybrid – but – there is more. These electric motors become electric generation when the car decelerates and that recharges the on board specialist battery.
  • All of this adds up to less demand on the internal combustion engine and therefore lower fuel consumption.
  • There are over 52 car manufacturers throughout the world fitting hybrid automatic transmission to their cars.
  • A.T.S services and repairs cars fitted with hybrid automatic transmissions. We service the specialist battery pack that operates in conjunction with the hybrid automatic transmission.


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