Automatic Transmission Services

The Automatic Transmission has evolved greatly across the years. We hope that you find the following information interesting.

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Hybrid Car Battery Service

Service your Hybrid car battery pack.

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ATS Automatic Transmission Services New Lambton

Nearly 70 Years of Service

ATS has been servicing and repairing automatic transmissions on a continuing basis, from the same location in New Lambton, since its beginnings as a vehicle repair garage in 1945.

We pride ourselves on our well known reputation of doing a good job at a fair price. 

Our Team of Transmission Specialists keep up to date with the ever changing technology found in todays transmissions. This continued education and training combined with our already established knowledge base in the older models of cars and transmissions aids us in effective diagnosis and problem solving to get your car back and keep you on the road.


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Free Test Drive

Free advice and diagnostic test drive by a trained Transmission Specialist.